Send Better Replies. Faster.

MailTank lets groups of people inside your business send better replies to customer email. Most replies sent from MailTank are drawn from a library of pre-written templates which get composed and sent faster. Want to send better replies to customer email in less time, with less work? Then you want MailTank.

How It Works

Forward your customer email to MailTank so everyone working can see that it is waiting for an answer. When someone replies to a customer, everyone working can see that the customer has been helped and can focus on helping another. MailTank organizes messages sent to different email addresses with ease, so teams can tell with a glance who has been waiting and for how long. As it is used, MailTank builds a secure, searchable archive of every email coming in to and going out of your business.

It is not hard to find people to tell you that working with email is key to generating revenue for every business, it's why we built MailTank to help our own customers, but we never want to forget that every email represents the thoughts and concerns of a real person.

Features & Specs

Tools to Manage Email • Answer up to 50 messages at once without typing • Use templates to answer frequently asked questions • Add notes and assign messages to team members • Every email links to full conversation histories

Exceed Customer Expectations • Reply to email faster than ever • Track customer interactions pre and post sales • Prevent customers falling through the cracks • Sharpen consistency of messaging

Benefits to Build Your Business • Archive email for the whole business as you work • Monitor and improve customer service performance • Train new staff on the job by applying business knowledge • Designed for ease of use

MailTank Evolution

Our customers have answered over 10,000,000 messages through MailTank using a feature set refined by replying to customer email for over 7 years.